40+ Passionate Traveler from Finland
Content Creator and Digital Marketing professional
Member of The Finnish Guild of Travel Journalists
Nominee in Finnish Travel Gala as Travel Influencer of the Year 2023
Top Family Travel Influencer in Finland with 

5,44 Million video views in three main Social Media Channels in 90 days. 

I am passionate about dynamic and versatile travel, exploring: 

  • cities
  • beaches
  • spas
  • nature
  • restaurants
  • wineries
  • sports resorts
  • cruises
  • theme park destinations. 

I curate and showcase diverse destinations while providing comprehensive travel tips and insights. Additionally, I offer a glimpse into our lifestyle.

I mainly travel with my 9-year-old daughter, but I also enjoy solo travels and adventures with friends.

I enjoy finding unique experiences and fun activities, and I keep in mind sustainable aspects of travels.


5,44 Million video views in three main Social Media Channels in 90 days. 

The audience across all channels is continuously expanding with new followers.


Followers: 16 700+
Reach (90 days): 1 700 000
Video views (90 days): 2 313 000

98,2 % from Finland

TikTok statistics @lahdetaantaas


Followers: 8 500+
Reach (90 days): 414 000
Video views (90 days): 1 859 000

87,4 % from Finland

Instagram statistics @lahdetaantaas


Followers: 6 200+
Reach (90 days): 309 000
Video views (90 days): 1 267 000

99,5 % Finnish

YouTube statistics @matkablogilahdetaantaas


Collaboration with RIU Hotels & Resorts

Goal: To present RIU Funana all inclusive resort in Cape Verde as a family friendly destination.

Content: Six 60-second videos of the resort, food, activities, hotel room, beach, pools and water park.

Results after 1-2 weeks of publishing: 
Video views: 399 716
Likes: 15 511
Comments: 191
Saves:  1 645

In addition I received multiple private messages for further questions about the resort.

Collaboration with toy store

Goal: To present and promote a travel toy and lead consumers to web site to buy the toy.

Content: One 60-second video of travel toy to four Social Media Channels: Instagram Reels, Facebook Reels, TikTok and YouTube Shorts.

Results after five days: 
Video views: 178 510
Likes: 6 513
Comments: 77
Saves: 658

Three days in Tallinn with Visit Estonia

Goal: To present activities, restaurants and hotels with kids during winter holiday season for families in Tallinn.

Content: ~60 second-video of each activity, restaurant and hotel + videos "5 activities in Tallinn with kids in winter" and "4 family friendly restaurants in Tallinn". Total 14 videos.


In total the videos reached during one month period, but videos are viewed for many months to come by new viewers:

1 790 274 views
66 064 likes
1 091 comments
18 507 saves

In addition many have sent me private messages for further questions and also feedback that they went to the destinations after my recommendation.

Activity videos are linked to this blog post.

Collaboration with

Goal: To gain new users to Instagram page.

Content: One video to Instagram Reels and TikTok + 3 Instagram Stories

Result: Nearly 3 000 new followers to Instagram in two-day period. 

Trip to Riga

We traveled to Riga with my daughter in October 2024. I created several videos of Riga as a destination with kids and posted them to Instagram, TikTok and YouTube and in addition collected all the videos to one Blog Post for further SEO visibility for consumers interested in traveling to Riga with kids. 

You can find the blog post from this link:

Riga with kids by Lähdetään Taas

Video views: 

  • TikTok = 385 000 views
  • Instagram = 250 000 views
  • YouTube = 70 000 views

All together more than 700 000 views for Riga.


As an experienced travel influencer, with more than 10 years of experience in Content Creation and Digital Marketing, I specialize in creating content that resonates with diverse audiences, offering insights for various demographics.

With the strategy of three Social Media Channels I reach both older and younger target groups: the parents and also the younger ones in the families who also have big impact in the travel and destination decisions.

Destinations and activities presented also get attention of solo travelers, couples and group of friends.

With Blog Posts I ensure long-term SEO visibility, but also concentrate on Social Media SEO as Social Media Channels have become important search engines among the younger audiences. 

I am a trusted partner in collaborations and have received positive feedback of collaborations with various companies.


Feel free to contact me:

I am interested in:

  • Brand ambassador
  • Presenting products, services and travel destinations
  • Events
  • Media trips
  • UGC and/or brand video content creation

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